Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is iDiverse?

iDiverse is the diversity initiative of the IAB Education Foundation. It is dedicated to increasing racial, gender, economic, and cultural diversity as well as closing the skills gap in the digital media and advertising industries. iDiverse promotes diversity in the workforce through training, mentoring, recruiting, interviewing, and placement services. The iDiverse initiative is uniquely positioned to connect the stakeholders who understand the looming skills gap and human capital problems facing the interactive media industry.

  • How do I get involved with iDiverse?

If you are a company, academic institution, non-profit organization, or job-seeker, you can get involved with iDiverse by contacting; please include a detailed description of what you are look for.  A few examples:
– If you are from a digital media company, let us know if you are interested in the iDiverse commitment; please contact
– If you are from an academic institution or non-profit, contact us to discuss potential collaboration
– If you are a job-seeker, let us know if you are looking for education opportunities in digital media

  • Are you currently offering any training/education opportunities?

See our education programming information here

  • How do I find out about sponsorship opportunities or making a financial contribution to the iDiverse initiative?

Thank you. Please visit or email

  • What is the iDiverse Directory?

The iDiverse Directory is a resource featuring over 500 digital media and S.T.E.M. non-profits. It is a reference for industry professionals who want to find organizations promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. You can also use this directory to find organizations with whom you or your company would like to volunteer.
РIf you are looking to have your organization considered for inclusion in the Directory, please complete this form
– If your organization IS currently included in the iDiverse Directory and you would like to make edits/additions to your page, please contact

  • Which organizations are included in the iDiverse Directory?

We feature non-profit organizations involved in promoting diversity and closing the skills gap in the digital economy. Our goal is to promote the activities in education, workforce development, and inclusion for a diverse workforce, and to develop a skilled talent pipeline.