Past Events

Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Meeting | New York, NY | February 7, 2017
In this session, the D&I Task Force, comprised of HR, Diversity professionals, and senior executives, discussed the leader’s role in driving diversity and inclusion, and formed three working groups to develop best practices in recruitment, retention, and promotion, as well as to make the business case for diversity. Don Lowery, Senior Vice President, Community Engagement, Nielsen; Jill MacVicar, Associate Director, Human Resources, Meredith; and Rob Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer, Merit Direct, presented some success stories from their companies.

  • iDiverse Digital Advertising Career Evening | San Francisco, CA | December 8, 2016
    The IAB Education Foundation and its diversity initiative, iDiverse, invited HR and diversity & inclusion professionals to join the students from the first class of the Digital Advertising Program at the College of San Mateo for a Digital Advertising Career Evening in the new IAB San Francisco office. They participated in discussions, led by Freada Kapor Klein, about diversity & inclusion in hiring, retention, and promotion. This was also the opportunity to mingle with peers and students.


  • Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Meeting | New York, NY | November 16, 2016
    HR, Diversity professionals, and C-Level executives were invited to discuss diversity and inclusion within their organizations and how to promote further positive culture change within their companies, and the industry. In the session, led by Karen Watai, of KWA Leadership Consulting, the group went over current experiences, evolving best practices in recruitment and retention, as well as the business case for diversity and inclusion. A combination of an think tank and incubator, the Task Force strives to learn, adapt, and develop around D&I goals.


  • iDiverse breakfast and Directory launch | New York, NY | August 17, 2016
    iDiverse hosted a special event at the AOL offices, gathering diversity and HR professionals, education partners, and non-profit organizations. Tim Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, AOL, and Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB, welcomed a diverse audience. Then, Twyla Perrin, People Advisor and Diversity & Inclusion Lead from AOL & Huffington Post and Maureen Jules-Perez, AOL, presented the new iDiverse Directory of over 500 non-profit organizations, Freada Kapor Klein from the Kapor Center for Social Impact discussed what can be done fix the pipeline and improve the lack of diversity in the digital industry workforce, and Karen Watai, President of KWA Leadership Consulting LLC, presented some strategies to foster diversity and inclusion in the digital workforce.