The iDiverse Diversity & Inclusion Task Force has a far-reaching mission: to change how diversity is perceived and rewarded within organizations. The problems are well defined. The solutions are well known. Now is the time to create significant, meaningful change.

The D&I Task Force runs as a combination think tank and incubator for human resources, diversity and inclusion professionals, and digital advertising senior level executives.

Join the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

The Task Force meets quarterly and includes three working groups to tackle the following topics:

  • The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion: This Working Group will look into building a business case for diversity and inclusion in the digital advertising industry. By auditing existing research studies and learning from our members, our goal is to create best practices and metrics to move the industry forward.
  • Recruiting: The goals of the Recruiting Working Group are to identify challenges and develop strategies to increase the diversity of the talent pipeline and to create best practices for sourcing and recruiting. ​
  • Retention: The goal of the Retention Working Group is to reduce attrition within diverse groups year over year.  By examining existing inclusion practices and current research on retention, the Working Group will develop retention tools that can be used throughout the industry.

If you are interested in joining the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, please email us at