200 Digital Companies ● 10,000 Jobs ● 2020 Diverse Workforce

iDiverse is building a more diverse talent pipeline with your support.
Commit to Diversity & Inclusion with Leaders in the Digital Industry!

    • We have developed a Digital Marketing & Media Certification and Pilot Digital Training Programs on the West Coast (Silicon Valley) and East Coast (NYC) to train and prepare a diverse workforce for entry level jobs in digital advertising & media

Meet our Students

  • Leading Digital Companies are part of the iDiverse Board of Directors – join us!
  • Commit to 10,000 Jobs by 2020: Help us reach our goal of 200 digital companies and 10,000 jobs for a diverse workforce by 2020! Email commitment@idiverse.org
  • Explore our iDiverse Directory to find a non-profit organization you want to engage with among over 500 non-profits representing a wide-range of diverse communities and programs to help build the digital talent pipeline. Mentor, train, volunteer or find other ways to promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.